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Type:  wheel tractor
Location:  Germany Hamburg
Placed on:  Jul 5, 2024
Agronetto ID:  DX39723
Condition:  used

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Bereifung (v): 600/65r28, Zustand-Bereifung (v): 80, Zustand-Bereifung (h): 80, Getriebebezeichnung: PowerShuttle, Druckluftbremse, Frontkraftheber (mit Oberlenker), Frontzapfwelle, Gefederte Vorderachse, Kabine, Kriechgang, Luftgefederter Sitz, ISOBUS
* Engine jam brake;* Comfort cabin suspension;* Automatic climate control;* Battery disconnect switch electrical;* Compressed air system;* ISOBUS;* Visioplus cabin with opening windshield and right door;* Vario Terminal '';* Fendt Evolution seat;* Cabin floor mat;* RTK activation with Trimble AG-482 receiver;* Section control activation;* Contour assistant activation;* Front power lift with position control;* Front PTO;* 1 DW front;* pressureless return front;* 4 DW rear DUDK;* Load sensing;* pressureless return at the rear;* Box for autom. Trailer steering axle lock;* Auxiliary equipment maintenance;* external valve actuation;* Hydraulic pump 152l/min;* Preheat package;* Rear window wiper and washer;* Electric rearview mirror adjustable;* hydraulic top link;* automatic Towbar with 38mm bolt;* full lighting package;* Fire extinguisher;* long wheel bolts for wheel weights
Wheel tractors
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